Wood Cheese/Appetizer/Cutting Board: END-GRAIN! 15.5”x 13.5”x 1.4" BD217

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A wonderful mix of function and visual beauty exists on this substantial (and Heavy) End-Grain cutting board.  End-Grain boards are gentler on your fine cutlery, and will last for generations!  I made this one with Texas Cherry and California Walnut, carefully placing the individual pieces of wood so that the grain is "bookmatched" throughout the piece, offering a stunning visual effect.  I also added finger pulls on each end, so you can use one side for cutting/chopping, and flip over to reveal an unblemished side that will add beauty to any counter it's placed on.  Hand-sanded to a silky smooth finish and completed with a food-grade safe finish.  This is truly one of my favorites to date!  Would make a great special-occasion gift for that Foodie in your life